PG&E Lookup Tool for CAISO Rotating Outages is Now Live

Posted on August 18, 2020

In response to California Independent System Operator (CAISO)
recent calls for utilities to reduce load by instituting rotating outages, PG&E developed a tool to help customers see how they might be affected.

Rotating outages are organized by circuit blocks dispersed across PG&E’s service area and sequenced to minimize the amount of disruption for each customer.

The online tool at allows customers to look up their circuit block and subblock. They can then look for their block and subblock on a table of forecasted outages for the day.

With the heatwave expected to continue at least through Thursday night, PG&E strongly encourages all customers to continue conserving to reduce overall power demand.


– Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Edge Chromium browsers

– Go to

– Click on “Look up your rotating outage block number.”

– Enter your address

– Read your block and subblock.

– Find your block and subblock on the table.

– If your block or subblock does not appear you are not expected to be subject to a rotating outage.

– If your block and subblock do appear, you could be subject to an outage of up to three hours in the event CAISO calls for rolling outages because the state’s power demand is within 3 percent of available supply.

At this time, we do not believe any Fairfax blocks or subblocks are on the CAISO rotating outage list for Tuesday.

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