Notice of Roadwork: Bolinas and Mono Intersection

Posted on June 13, 2024

Date: Monday, June 17th
Time: Starting at 8:00 AM, lasting all day


A section of roadway at the intersection of Bolinas and Mono will undergo pavement restoration work, resulting in a lane closure and traffic impacts for the entire day.

Key Points

  • Purpose: The Town is expediting the completion of road restoration work by contracting directly with a paving contractor, W.K. McLellen who is familiar with PG&E projects.
  • Coordination: While the work involves utilities like PG&E and AT&T, it is managed by the Town to ensure it meets local standards.
  • Notices: Local businesses have been informed. Notices may reference PG&E due to the contractor’s typical associations, but this project is being managed by the Fairfax Public Works Department.
  • Impact: Expect lane closures and traffic disruptions throughout the workday.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we work to complete this project.

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