Town Council Meeting: October 3, 2018

Oct 3 2018

7:00 pm Fairfax Women’s Club

Fairfax Women's Club - 46 Park Road, Fairfax 94930

Preceded by a Special Meeting in Open Session at 6:30 p.m. to Conduct Interviews

6:30 PM – Call to order the Special Meeting in Open Session

  1. Interview and appointment of applicant to the Climate Action Committee – Town Clerk

7:00 PM – Call to order the Regular Meeting – PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE






  • Halloween Parade Oct. 31, 5pm gather at the Theatre; ends in Bolinas Park at the Haunted Grove. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce


  • Halloween candy donations for Dominga residents (who get hundreds of trick-or-treaters) may be dropped off at Town Hall


  • Prescription Drug Take Back Day: Oct. 27, stay tuned for details.


  • Vacancies on Boards and Commissions: up to 5 on the Climate Action Committee. Applications are available at Town Hall and on the Town website. Contact Town Clerk for information.


  • Fairfax Food Pantry, Saturdays 9-11am, Fairfax Community Church, 2398 SFD Blvd., volunteers needed.




OPEN TIME FOR PUBLIC EXPRESSION: To address the Council on matters not listed on the agenda, please approach the podium and state your name and address (optional). Individuals have 3 minutes to speak; 5 minutes if representing a group. The Council is not permitted to take action and state law strictly limits the right of the Council to discuss any unagendized item unless it can be demonstrated to be of an emergency nature or the need to take immediate action arose after the posting of the agenda. (Gov. Code §54954.2)


    1. Accept Financial Statement and Disbursement Reports August 2018 – Finance Director


    1. Approve minutes for the September 5, 2018, Town Council meeting – Town Clerk


    1. Award of contract for repaving Scenic Road from Shapiro Lane to Bay Road – Town Clerk

– Supplemental Item

    1. Receive Marin Sanitary Service Semiannual Report (January-June 2018) – Town Clerk


    1. Adopt a resolution establishing the regular council meeting dates for the months of January and July in 2019, and confirm 2019 meeting calendar – Town Clerk


    1. Receive report of winter furlough days for Town Hall employees from December 21st through January 1st – Town Manager


    1. Receive report on status of shields for LED street lights – Town Manager


    1. Receive final report on Town vegetation management, including chipper day results – Town Manager


    1. Adopt a Resolution approving Final Parcel Map for Victory Village, 2626 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard – Planning Director


    1. Receive report on the status of work on pedestrian trail improvements – Town Manager


Public Hearings

  1. Adopt a report describing the measures taken to alleviate the conditions which led to the adoption of Ordinance Nos. 809 and 812 (moratorium on commercial cannabis) and adopt an urgency interim zoning ordinance of the Town of Fairfax adopted pursuant to Government Code section 65858 extending for a period of one year until October 31, 2019 the temporary moratorium in all zoning districts on the establishment, creation or expansion of any and all commercial cannabis uses, with exceptions, pending the completion of studies and the preparation of an update to the Town’s municipal and zoning codes; CEQA categorically exempt, §§ 15308, 15060(c)(2), and 15061(b)(3) – Town Manager
  2. Review of a Use Permit to allow live music performances outdoors on a covered patio and in the rear yard area of an existing commercial establishment, Peri’s Bar, 29 Broadway; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15301 – Planning Director


    1. Discuss concept to reduce the use of disposable food containers, straws, and utensils – Town Manager


    1. Introduce and read by title only an ordinance amending Chapter 8.36 (“Trees”) of the Town Code to provide the Town Council flexibility to appoint at-large member(s) to the Tree Advisory Committee and modify the process for the Planning Commission to consider/approve tree alterations and removals as part of a development application; categorically exempt from CEQA – Town Manager, Planning Director


    1. Introduction and first reading by title only of an Ordinance Amending Chapter 3.36 (“Public Bidding”) of the Fairfax Town Code to Increase Contract Award Limits per the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act; categorically exempt from CEQA – Town Manager


    1. Appoint the mayor and a councilmember to a subcommittee to explore fiber optic cable in the town – Town Manager


COUNCIL REPORTS AND COMMENTS (Brief announcements and reports on Councilmember assignments, committees and activities, including reports from meetings attended at Town expense)





If any of the matters described above is challenged in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at any public hearing described on this agenda, or in written correspondence delivered at, or prior to, this Council meeting.

October 30, 2018
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