Town Council Meeting: July 12, 2017

Jul 12 2017

7:00 pm Fairfax Women’s Club

Fairfax Women's Club - 46 Park Road, Fairfax 94930

Women’s Club, 46 Park Road, Fairfax

6:30 PM – Special Meeting


  1. Interview and Appointment of applicants to the Open Space Committee – Town Clerk

Women’s Club, 46 Park Road

7:00 PM – Regular Meeting


  1. Accept Financial Statement and Disbursement Reports May 2017 – Finance Director
  2. Adopt a Resolution Making Certain Findings and Determinations in Compliance with Section XIIIB of the California Constitution (Gann Initiative) and Setting the Appropriation Limit for Fiscal Year – Finance Director
  3. Adopt a resolution amending the Debt Management Financial Policy to add a debt policy – Finance Director
  4. Adopt a resolution to dissolve the General Plan Implementation Committee (GPIC) – Town Manager
  5. Receive Marin Sanitary Service First Quarterly Report (January-March 2017) – Town Clerk
  6. Approve the 2017-2019 Marin Operational Area Memorandum of Understanding for County Emergency Management Services – Town Manager
  7. Approve the addition of Councilmember Coler as a second Council liaison to the Fairfax Age-Friendly Task Force – Town Clerk
  8. Adopt a resolution approving the Assistant/Associate Planner job classification – Town Manager
  9. Adopt a resolution establishing wages and benefits for the new Assistant/Associate Planner classification – Town Manager

COUNCIL REPORTS AND COMMENTS (Brief announcements and reports on Councilmember assignments, committees and activities, including reports from meetings attended at Town expense)



  1. Appeal of 118 Tamalpais Road regarding Planning Commission approval of Variances and an Encroachment Permit for a Retaining Wall and Entry Stairway Providing Access to the Property at 118 Tamalpais Road; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15301 and 15305(a). – Principal Planner


  1. Discuss/consider preparation of 9212 Elections Report regarding proposed Initiative Measure “Amending Town General Plan to Prohibit Land Uses that Adversely Affect Community Recreational Sport Fields, Including Lefty Gomez Field, Without Voter Approval”
  2. Discuss an ordinance to bring the Town Code pertaining to  Accessory Dwelling Units into compliance with new State Regulations; CEQA categorically exempt, § 15300.1, and Statutory Exemptions, Public Resources Code §§ 21080.15(b)(15) and 21080.17 – Town Manager
  3. Adopt a Resolution adopting the FY17-18 Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets for Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 and Providing for the Appropriation of Expenditures in Said Budgets and Repealing All Resolutions in Conflict Herewith – Finance Director

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  4. Approve response to Marin Civil Grand Jury Report: Overcoming Barriers to Housing Affordability Town Manager
  5. Discuss/consider Resident Petition for a dog park in the Town – Town Manager


In memory of Eleanor Lacques
and Elizabeth Frankcom

If any of the matters described above is challenged in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at any public hearing described on this agenda, or in written correspondence delivered at, or prior to, this Council meeting.

October 17, 2018
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