Town Hall offices will be closed Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.

Town Council Meeting: April 2, 2014

Apr 2 2014

7:00 pm Fairfax Women’s Club

Fairfax Women's Club - 46 Park Road, Fairfax 94930

Preceded by a Special Meeting in Closed Session at 5:30p.m. at Town Hall, 142 Bolinas Road

5:30 PM – Call to order and Adjourn to Closed Session on the following matter:

  1. PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION pursuant to Govt. Code Section 54957
    Title: Town Manager
    Government Code section 54956.9(d)(2) and (e)(1): one case

Reconvene in Open Session at the Women’s Club, 46 Park Road:

7:00 PM – Call to order the Regular Meeting– PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE





The Mayor shall maintain order at the meetings. The Council and the audience are expected to refrain from using profane language and/or ridiculing the character or motives of council members, staff, or members of the public and to maintain the standards of tolerance and civility. Please turn off all cellular phones or place in silent mode.

The Town Council will review the agenda at 10:00 P.M. to ascertain which items, if any, will be continued to another meeting. Any matter not started by 11:30 P.M. will be continued to an adjourned or regular council meeting unless the Council votes to suspend this rule.


  1. Introduction and swearing in of newly hired Police Officer Mario Peoro


  • Fairfax Food Pantry, Saturdays 9-11, Fairfax Community Church, 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, volunteers needed
  • Fairfax Artist-In-Residence Show Friday April 11, 7-10pm. Pavilion, includes four other artists as well
  • Community Passover Seder, Friday April 18, 6-9pm, Women’s Club
  • Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday April 19, Bolinas Park 10am; Tweens Hunt 1pm, Peri Park
  • National Volunteer Week starts April 21
  • National Drug Take-Back day: April 26th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Police Station, 144 Bolinas Rd., with document shredding and e-waste take back in the Pavilion Parking lot
  • One vacancy on the Affordable Housing Committee (applications at Town Hall and on Town website)
  • Two vacancies on the Parks and Recreation (applications at Town Hall and on Town website)
  • Drake Basketball Team is NORCAL champion


  1. Approve minutes for the February 7 and 13 Special Town Council Meetings, and the March 5, 2014 Regular Town Council meeting
  2. Reappointment of Parks and Recreation Commissioner Claudia Tomaso
  3. Accept Financial Statement and Disbursement Reports February 2014
  4. Approve contract amendment with the California Infrastructure Consultancy for additional community outreach, survey/mapping, and environmental work for the Fairfax Bridge projects
  5. Approve second six-month period of the agreement with Sustainable Fairfax to implement the mandates of the Zero Waste grant and provide public education and outreach services for the Mandatory Commercial Recycling and the Construction and Debris ordinances
  6. Adoption of a Proclamation declaring May 17 National Kids to Parks Day
  7. Adoption of a Proclamation declaring April 2014 Fair Housing Month in the Town of Fairfax
  8. Authorize the Mayor to sign a letter of  support for Senate Bill 1014 to create a statewide drug take-back program
  9. Adoption of a Proclamation declaring April 2014 Safe Digging Month
  10. Adoption of a Proclamation in honor of Nancy Helmers
  11. Adopt a resolution in support of Marin County Free Library Renewal of Measure ‘A’ parcel tax, which will be on the June 3, 2014 ballot
  12. Accept status update on the clean-up of the property located at 159 Willow Avenue
  13. Approve  FY14-15 work plan for the use of the Town’s Measure A (County sales tax for parks) funds
  14. Biennial review of the Conflict of Interest Code and adoption of Resolution 14-__ Confirming Biennial Review With No Amendments to the Conflict of Interest Code (Form 700 filers) adopted pursuant to Resolution 12-19
  15. Adopt a resolution in support of Assembly Joint Resolution 39 to change funding restrictions for public, educational, and government public access television, and approve letter of transmittal for Mayor’s signature


  1. Approve response to Grand Jury Report “Get the Picture? Audiovisual Technology and Marin Law Enforcement
  2. Reconsider adoption of Ordinance No. 778 which, among other things, rezoned properties from CH (Highway Commercial) to CC (Central Commercial), added new PDD (Planned Development District) zoned properties, and rezoned properties PD (Public Domain)  and take the following actions:
    Second Reading by Title Only and Adoption of Ordinance No. 778 Amending Town Code Chapters 5.52, 17.012, 17.020, 17.092, 17.096, and 17.104, and Adding Chapter 17.130 to Rezone All Parcels Currently Zoned Highway Commercial (CH) to Central Commercial (CC) Zone, Rezone APN 002-112-13 and 001-104-012 From Limited Commercial (CL) to Planned Development District (PDD); Rezone APN’s 174-070-17 and 174-070-50 From UR-7 to PDD, Add a Public Domain (PD) Zone, Rezone Selected Parcels PD, Provide for the Supremacy of the Zoning Map over the Text in Event of Discrepancy, Correct Existing Typographical Errors, and Update the Town Zoning Map to Reflect Zoning Changes. CEQA review conducted via addendum to Mitigated Negative Declaration, as adopted by Fairfax Town Council Resolution 14-11
    First Reading by Title Only and of Ordinance No. 780 Amending Town Code Chapters 5.52, 17.012, 17.020, 17.092, 17.096, and 17.104, and Adding Chapter 17.130 to Rezone All Parcels Currently Zoned Highway Commercial (CH) to Central Commercial (CC) Zone, Add a Public Domain (PD) Zone, Rezone Selected Parcels PD, Correct Existing Typographical Errors, and Update the Town Zoning Map to Reflect Zoning Changes; and Adoption of  Resolution 14-__ , adopting addendum to Mitigated Declaration and Mitigation and Monitoring Reporting Plan prepared for the Fairfax General Plan
    Continue This Item to a Date Certain
  3. Accept Pavement Management Program and policies for street improvements
  4. Authorize payment of Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Cittaslow membership dues
  5. Discuss/consider the extension of the Special Municipal Services Tax of $125 per parcel for five years and direct staff as appropriate
  6. Accept mid-year budget report and approve mid-year adjustments
  7. Discuss/consider a requirement for all stores, shops, eating places, food, and retail food vendors to charge a mandatory fee for paper bags provided at check out


March 10, 2019
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