Face Covering Information

Beginning at 12pm on Wednesday, April 22, Marin County is requiring people to cover their noses and mouths while engaging in essential activities outside the home. The new order requiring Face Coverings supplements the existing shelter in place order which is still in effect until May 3.

Face Coverings must cover the nose and mouth, and should be made of fabric or other soft permeable material without holes. Homemade cloth coverings, bandanas, and neck gaiters are all acceptable options, especially because they can be washed and worn again.  Face coverings should be washed after each use with detergent and hot water and dried on a hot cycle. The CDC released a video outlining how to make a simple covering out of a few common materials.

Children ages 12 years old and younger are not required to wear Face Coverings. Additionally, people engaging in exercise such as walking, running or biking are not required to wear a Face Covering, but should carry one with them and continue to practice social distancing.

Still confused about what kind of mask to wear? Read this article with great information.

Fairfax Fabric Mask Making Program

If you are able to sew a face mask, please consider making one and supplying our local Fairfax residents with a home made fabric mask.  Please e-mail mbaird@townoffairfax.org if you are able to donate such a mask or if you would like one delivered to you by a volunteer.  Please practice social distancing at all times.  Wash the mask once it is delivered to you.  Only use the mask for yourself.  To clean the mask, wash in the laundry, and heat in a clothes dryer for 30 minutes.

How to Make a Fabric Mask:

Check out this SIMPLE design in this helpful video and ADAPT SIZE FOR KIDS:


No Sew Option

Make a "buff" out of an old tee shirt. Just make sure it's tight enough to fit around your nose and mouth so it stays in place when you are out and about. This a great option because you can make several masks and wash them easily.  Also great for kids because they can wear them around their neck and then pull it up when they need to.

no sew mask/buff

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