The cities and towns of Marin County jointly contract with Emanuels Jones & Associates for legislative advocacy services. Working with the Legislative Committee of the Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC), Emanuels Jones reviews all legislative bills for their impact on Marin and takes action of specific proposals. This work includes advocating for the protection of local revenues during the state’s budget process, preserving local control on housing and other issues, and advancing other legislative issues of interest to Marin.  The advocate coordinates visits to the Capitol to meet with and talk to state legislators and other state officials.

The City of San Rafael acts as the lead agency for the purpose of the agreement, but all cities and towns share the cost apportioned by assessed value and population. In addition, the cities and towns of Marin County share the cost of a part-time legislative analyst to assist the Legislative Committee.

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