iPhone Photography Camp for Teens

We are sorry to announce that this camp will be cancelled for 2020.  Please check back with us next summer for updates. 

July 6 week from 9:30am – 12:30pm

For ages 8th grade – 12th grade

-- minimum of 6 students/limit of 12 students

Instructor: Suzanne Lucas

Location: Fairfax Community Center – 16 Park Road

Cost: $285

Live Water Skateboards

Learn to “see” in new ways by diving deeper into the creative world of photography! Each day we will gather as a group to learn about essential photographic principles and the Art of Seeing. There will be ample time to practice, as well as time for class review/discussion, post-processing tips/tricks. While this class uses mobile devices/cameras for ease and simplicity, concepts such as aperture/shutter speed will be covered, along with other intermediate principles to help improve photography on any camera. Please bring an iPhone or similar device.

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