Town services have reopened to the public with some modifications. Public Safety services are fully operational.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) updates and resources

Interim Service Protocols During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order

The following Town of Fairfax Department of Planning and Building Services interim protocols are in effect during the period when Town Hall is closed, in compliance with the updated 3/31/20 Shelter-In-Place Order from the County of Marin Health Officer.

► Building
Essential Construction Activities Restrictions on construction activities have increased under the 3/31/20 Order. Allowed essential construction activities are currently defined as (and limited to) the following:

  1. Projects immediately necessary to the maintenance, operation or repair of Essential Infrastructure;
  2. Projects associated with Healthcare Operations, including creating or expanding HealthcareOperations, provided that such construction is directly related to the COVID-19 response;
  3. Affordable housing that is or will be income-restricted, including multi-unit or mixed-use developmentscontaining at least 10% income-restricted units;
  4. Public works projects if specifically designated as an Essential Governmental Function by the leadgovernmental agency;
  5. Shelters and temporary housing, but not including hotels or motels;
  6. Projects immediately necessary to provide critical non- commercial services to individuals experiencinghomelessness, elderly persons, persons who are economically disadvantaged, and persons with specialneeds;
  7. Construction necessary to ensure that existing construction sites that must be shut down under thisOrder are left in a safe and secure manner, but only to the extent necessary to do so; and
  8. Construction or repair necessary to ensure that residences and buildings containing EssentialBusinesses are safe, sanitary, or habitable to the extent such construction or repair cannot reasonably be delayed.

During inspection, and maintain 6-foot social distancing. The inspector will be wearing protective gear.

an inspection, please follow the following procedures: If you have a face mask, wear it during the

Resale inspections will not be conducted until after April 7. Please contact the Building Official if you wish to close or otherwise remove contingencies before that date.

The Town is not issuing permits for non-essential projects while the shelter-in-place order is effect. Please contact Building Official Mark Lockaby at ph. (415) -458-2370 to discuss your application, confirm eligibility for filing, and to make arrangements for permit issuance and inspections.


► Planning
Planning staff is available via email and telephone, and will be checking emails and phone messages daily. If you are interested in applying for a new residence, Accessory Dwelling Unit, Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit, or other Essential Construction (see above) project, please contact us for information on how to apply.

Ben Berto

Director of Planning and Building Services

(415) 458-2346


Linda Neal

Principal Planner

(415) 458-2344

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue through this challenging period. The Town is working towards restoring full customer service.

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