Wildfire Watch: The Tragedy in Maui is a Warning for Marin this Monday, August 21

AugAugust 21 2023

Streaming Live from MarinTV Studio
August 21, 2023 | 6:00-7:00 pm

Join on Zoom or watch on Comcast Channel 30

Fire Safe Marin is hosting a Wildfire Watch next Monday, August 21 with leading wildfire experts to discuss the August 8 Maui fire and how Marin is preparing.

The speed and scale of the Maui fire demonstrates the destructive force of wildfires today and serves as a warning to fire-prone areas such as Marin. It could happen here and we need to be ready!

Join us for a Special Edition of Wildfire Watch to hear from local experts about what happened in Maui and what we are doing here to lower our risks and keep people safe.

Host: Rich Shortall, Executive Officer of Fire Safe Marin


  • Jason Weber, Marin County Fire Chief
  • Mark Brown, Executive Officer of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority
  • Todd Lando, Central Marin Fire Battalion Chief
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