Fairfax Climate Action Plan Community Forum

OctOctober 12 2020

The Fairfax Climate Action Committee is currently working hard on our Climate Action Plan. A Climate Action Plan is a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the specific activities that an agency will undertake to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate action plans build upon the information gathered by greenhouse gas inventories and generally focus on those activities that can achieve the relatively greatest emission reductions in the most cost effective manner.

Our last Climate Action Plan aimed at reducing our Town’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions a certain percentage by 2020. Being Fairfax, we met our target early.

We are now aiming at taking our emissions to zero by 2030, in accordance with the Town’s Climate Emergency Resolution. This will not be easy, but seeing that we did so well on the last one, we think we can do it.

But, we can’t do it without coming together and doing it together. So, we want to bring as many people together as we can to brainstorm ways we can collaborate to get us to zero. We are beginning a series of Community Meetings to talk about how we can do this. We will Zoom together on the second Monday of each month, starting October 12, from 6:30-7:30. For our October meeting, we will talk about what a CAP is, and we will talk about our Greenhouse Gas Inventory. We will then talk about the Town’s Climate Emergency Resolution, and how the CAC has been working to develop a strategy to get us to zero. Future sessions will focus on building energy, transportation emissions, waste emissions, water emissions, and miscellaneous emissions.

The air around is thick with smoke from fires caused by Climate Change. The problem is not going to get better unless we do something. This is our chance to make a difference. Please help us find our way forward.

Join us! October 12th at 6:30pm

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