Councilmember Lisel Blash

Lisel Blash purchased her first home here in Fairfax in 2012.

She is a former board member of Sustainable Fairfax and has served on the:

                • Town of Fairfax’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
                • Affordable Housing Committee, and
                • Racial Equity and Social Justice Committee.

Prior to running for office, she was a leader with the Marin Organizing Committee. She also worked for the Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative on issues of housing affordability in Marin..

Lisel is currently employed by the University of California, San Francisco’s Healthforce Center. She works as a senior research analyst on studies of the healthcare workforce. Lisel is a graduate of the Environmental Forum of Marin and recipient of the Joseph Kohn Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated leadership qualities in protecting the lands and ecology of Marin County.

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