Chipper Days

With the increasing  potential for wildfires in Marin County, residents are being encouraged to take every measure possible to avoid destruction of life and property.  Fire Safe Marin advises clearing brush from 30-100 feet of your house if possible. The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority (MWPA) and the Town of Fairfax has schedules chipper days throughout the year to offer residents options to remove and dispose of vegetation debris from their property.

Chipper Day door-to-door Service for Fairfax Households - 2021

Each home in Fairfax will be serviced twice between May 17-September 27th.
Please note: You need to pre-register for the pick-up service on one of the two days available to your neighborhood.
Please visit the links below for more information:
For instructions on how to prepare your materials for pick up:
For a schedule of pick up dates, please go to:
NOTE: The website will ask you to enter your address. Based on your address, it will let you know the dates of the two Chipper Days scheduled for your area. You will need to register to receive the pick-up service on your selected date. Service is on a first-come, first served basis.

What CAN go in the chipper

• Tree limbs up to 4 inches in diameter and 6 feet in length

• Woody bushes, including French and Scotch broom (no roots with dirt)


What CANNOT go in the chipper (for safety of the workers)

• Poison ivy, Bamboo, palm fronds, firewood

• Stones, lumber, construcLon materials

• Metal, glass, furniture

• Leaves and regular yard waste and soil (on roots)

Vegetation Management Grant

The Town of Fairfax has successfully wrapped up the vegetation management grant funding for this year.  We have awarded $25,000 to 33 applicants all in an effort to reduce our risk of wildfires and to protect our community. Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority has plans to offer a similar program, please visit to obtain information about future grants from the Marin Wildfire Protection Authority.

Results of 2020 Chipper Days 

The Town held six “Chipper Day” events in 2020. All six Chipper Days were targeted for neighborhoods that are designated Firewise communities. These six Chipper Day events included door-to-door pick-up of brush/cuttings in the Cascade, Manor Hill, and Deer Park neighborhoods. They were conducted over three weekends in June & July of this year. As always, the events were open to residents from any Fairfax neighborhood. This year, there were fewer drop offs per event, most likely due to COVID-19 precautions.
The Town collected over 63 tons of brush/cuttings from 321 participating households this year, for a total cost of approximately $65,000. Last year, the Town collected 86 tons.
Additionally, this year, Fire Safe Marin supplemented the chipper days offered in Fairfax in July and August with funding from the newly created Marin Wildfire Protection Agency (MWPA).
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