UPDATE: PG&E’s Planned Public Safety Power Shut Off Plan

Posted on October 8, 2019

As of 10/8/2019 2:00pm:

The following is an update from today’s 7:30 am and 12:30pm PG&E Conference call with local governments relative to PG&E’s planned Public Safety Power Shut off plan as well as information from Marin County OES.

There are two critical weather alerts:

  • Red Flag Warning for Marin & portions of North & East Bay from 0500 Wed (10/9) to 1700 Thurs (10/10)
  • Wind Advisory for Marin & portions of North & East Bay from 0600 Wed (10/9) to 1500 Thurs (10/10)

Marin is now targeted for a PSPS affecting approximately 10k customers.  PG&E says this will definitely happen.  Power will start to be shut off at midnight tonight and all the power in the affected areas should be off by 0400 tomorrow morning (Wed).   PG&E expects significant wind caused damage during this event.  Those will also likely cause significant power outages which the public will likely assume to be PSPS.   Repair times will be extended due to the scope of the event across PG&E’s territory.  PG&E automated calls have already started

Note:  The PG&E website has been swamped and is down more than up today.

Total Marin County residents believed to be affected are 9,736 customers as follows:

Fairfax 11  (we believe this will be 11 customers outside of Fairfax boundaries on upper Bolinas Road)

Town of Bolinas 767

Mill Valley 4,444

Muir Beach 178

Olema 2

Sausalito 3,515

Stinson Beach 819

As we become aware of any changes to the above information, we will post an update on Nextdoor.

Residents and business owners can review PG&E’s Fire Threat, PSPS Event Maps and Service Impact Map webpages to see if a property is in an area where power may be shutoff. PG&E is monitoring weather patterns and said it will provide updates to customers and the County of Marin when more information is available.  If a PSPS event does occur, residents can access updated information from PG&E on the PSPS Updates web page.

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