The Didi Jewelry Project

The Didi Jewelry project sells unique jewelry made by women afflicted by HIV and poverty in India  to help them create the lives they deserve.  Didi means sister in Hindi. By purchasing our jewelry you are helping your sisters in India create the lives they deserve.

 Laurel Gunnarson  started the project and many trips volunteering with women and children in India, Laurel decided to combine her life-long love of creating jewelry with her passion for helping women in India in 2012. She designs the pieces and teaches the amazing women in India to create the pieces. 

 The Didi Jewelry Project works hand-in-hand with Aashiana, a non-governmental organization in New Delhi that serves those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  The Didi Jewelry Project has grown and now provides 14 women with full time work.  


Didi Jewelry - Bio Pic
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