Project Description – Marinda Heights

The applicant, Timberstone 4038T LLC, via managing partner Marshal Rothman, is proposing the Marinda Heights subdivision to divide what is known as the “Wall Property” into ten lots plus an open space parcel.  The Vesting Tentative Map would subdivide the 100.5-acre existing legal parcel into nine 10+ acre single-family residential parcels, one 1.36-acre single-family residential parcel, and an 8.3-acre public trail/park parcel.

The property is currently comprised of four Assessor’s Parcels, numbered:  001-150-12, 001-160-09, 001-171-51, and 001-251-31.  The three largest Assessor’s Parcels (001-150-12, 001-160-09, and 001-251-31) are zoned UR-10 (Upland Residential, 10 acres per unit).  The smallest Assessor’s Parcel (001-171-51) is zoned RS 7.5 (Single Family Residential, 7,500 square-foot per unit).

Access for nine of the proposed residential parcels would be via a private roadway extension of Marinda Drive.  Access for the other residential parcel would be via roadway extension of Ridgeway Avenue and new driveway.

Proposed utilities include water service from Marin Municipal Water District, sanitary service from Ross Valley Sanitary District, and gas and electric service from PG&E.

Concurrent with the subdivision application, the applicant is also submitting applications for Design Review and Hill Area Residential Development for each of the ten proposed residences, and a Ridgeline Development Permit application for the portions of the project that are located within the ridgeline.  Excavation permits will be required for sites that exceed 100 cubic yards of grading.  Residences and accessory structures that exceed height limits will require Variances.

Residential building envelopes are proposed for each parcel, comprising a total of approximately 4.3 acres of the total site.  Another approximately 2 acres of hardscape is proposed for access roadways/ driveways.  The remaining 94.2 acres (or approximately 93.7 percent) of the site are proposed to either be for public trail or emergency vehicle-only access, publicly dedicated open space, or would remain as permanent undeveloped private open space.

The elevation of the site ranges from 165 feet to 732 feet.  Development is proposed to occur between site elevations of 251 feet to 538 feet.  The highest development elevation is for a fire water supply tank.

New public trail easements and a new 8.3-acre public trail parcel (“Parcel A”) are proposed, to be donated to an appropriate public open space entity.  The public access easements are proposed on the existing spur ridge fire road running from the end of Marinda Drive to the ridgeline at the Sleepy Hollow divide.  A new cross-slope trail is also proposed, running from the southeasterly property line adjacent to the trail on the Ridgeway Avenue right-of-way, along the westerly property line to the Marinda fire road/access easement.

The project proposes exclusively native drought-tolerant landscaping, low-reflectivity windows and low-glare exterior lighting, construction techniques and materials consistent with “Green Point” guidelines to reduce carbon footprint, and fire-resistant construction and features. A Vegetation Management Plan has been provided for each residence.

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