Poppy Botanicals

Small batch, botanically infused skin care made in Sebastopol, California. Every plant-based ingredient used in Poppy Botanicals' products is chosen with clear intention to highlight and utilize the innate healing power of plants. Herbs, flowers, and root used in formulas are grown at organic farms in Northern California. From seed to bloom, when the time is right ingredients are hand harvested and extracted into various oils, grape alcohol, plant glycerin, and essences and then folded into every Poppy Botanicals’ herbal skin care product.

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Product offerings: Wild Oat Cleanser, Yarrow Toner, Everlasting Oil Serum, Cucumber Collagen Serum, Calendula Day Cream, Roseberry Face Scrub, Herbal Bar Soaps, Aromatherapy Mists, Elderberry Syrup, and other seasonal treats!

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