Dusty Rose Design

Hi there. I'm Sharon Aronowitz, owner of Dusty Rose Design.

I specialize in Tie-dyed, Shibori dyed, and Ice Dyed clothing for adults’ and children. All of the clothing that I dye is made of natural fibers, since the low impact fiber reactive dyes only work with cotton, silk, rayon, and bamboo,  I have a line of organic cotton offerings, as well as some pieces that are a bamboo/cotton blend.  I try to find clothing pieces that are more fashion and yoga oriented since many of my customers are interested in these items.  Recently, I have designed a few pieces of clothing, and have them sewn for me.

I use a wide variety of color combinations in my work, ranging from subtle color combinations to full spectrum designs.


I live and work locally, so I am happy to have people place orders directly from me, or through my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/dustyrosetiedyes.

Please email me at dstyrse@mindspring.com to order or to ask for items not included on my etsy site.

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