Annual Goals

Council Goals for 2018

(not in order of priority)

• Discuss strategies for addressing parking in the downtown area including the adjacent neighborhoods

• Amend zoning code to reduce maximum home size

• Explore innovative approaches, such as Tiny Homes, to create more affordable housing opportunities

• Continue to make improvements to pedestrian trails

• Allow mobile shower pilot program in Town

• Begin design of the seismic retrofit and ADA improvements to the Pavilion

• Complete design and begin construction of the ADA and parking improvements to the Parkade

• Repair portions of sidewalks in downtown along Bolinas Rd. and Broadway from Bank St. to Pacheco Ave.

• Regulate commercial cannabis businesses

• Implement fire prevention program including risk reduction activities, property inspections, creation of Firewise neighborhoods, emergency preparedness, and community outreach/education, and the development of a plan with easy maps for the community to use in the event of a disaster

• Consider establishment of density limits and objective development standards in commercial zones to address potential residential development on sites

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