Additional Application Document Descriptions

Vesting Tentative Map plan set (Oberkamper & Associates)
Schematics describing at the Tentative Map subdivision phase the proposed division of the overall property into 10 lots plus the parkland parcel, consistent with local and State regulations.  Includes technical information relating to lot layouts, road locations, profiles, and other details, building envelopes, existing conditions including topographic contours, easements including for utilities, preliminary grading and drainage, and fire road profile.

Plans sets for 10 residences (Pahana known architects)
Detailed plans of the individual residences and accessory structures proposed on each of the 10 proposed parcels.  The plans include elevations, floor plans with interior layout details, building square-footages, cross-sections, accessory building uses and descriptions, pools, solar, exterior lighting, materials including siding and green and other roofing, and irrigation, existing versus proposed grade, floor elevations and overall building heights, and descriptions of existing trees, including whether or not they are proposed for removal.

Archeological Evaluation (Archeological Resource Service)
Historical information on the presence or absence of previously recorded historic/prehistoric cultural resources available for the area, a check of historic resources to determine the potential for historic era archeologic deposits, contact with the Native American Heritage Commission to determine the presence or absence of listed Sacred Lands within the project area, a surface reconnaissance of all accessible parts of the project area to locate any visible signs of potentially significant historic or prehistoric cultural deposits, and appropriate recommendations for further action to mitigate any identified impacts

Biological Site Assessments – Wildlife and Botanical Resources (LSA Associates)
A biotic resources assessment and update that maps vegetation types, including sensitive natural biotic communities, surveys for the presence of special-status wildlife species and plant species, and provides an analysis of special status wildlife and plant species/communities potentially present or present in the project vicinity.

Geotechnical Investigation Report (William Moore and Phyllis Flack)
A geotechnical and geologic assessment of the project site that includes geotechnical recommendations for the project foundations, grading, slope stability, retaining walls, earthwork and seismic considerations.  The scope of the assessment included review of available published geotechnical and geological date, site reconnaissance and subsurface investigations.

Hydrology Study and Drainage Calculations (Oberkamper & Associates)
A study that determine the peak flow rates for all of the sites drainage before and after development for a 100 year storm event, makes recommendations for storm water detention and other drainage improvements necessary to maintain or reduce the post construction rate of flow from the site relative to the existing conditions rate.  The report was prepared by mapping the existing watersheds on the property to determine their catchment areas and corresponding outlets to calculate the current rate of runoff leaving the site, the proposed improvements were overlaid on the watershed map to analyze the effects of the project on the site drainage and make recommendations.

Traffic Impact Study for the Marinda Heights Subdivision Project (W-Trans)
A study that utilizes methodology approved by the Fairfax Town Council, and which analyzes the potential traffic impacts of a residential 10-unit subdivision on 6 intersections along the Sir Francis Drake corridor at Oak Manor Drive, Oak Tree Lane, Manor Road, Claus Drive, Pacheco Avenue and Pastori/Willow Avenue.

Tree Protection/Removal Plans (Urban Forestry Associates, Inc.)
Plans that include an inventory of all the trees within the proposed house and driveway footprints, and provide general observations regarding impacts on trees from development proposed for each lot.

Visual Resources Study Marinda Heights Residential Project (Environmental Vision)
A study describing the project visual setting and including simulations and a qualitative evaluation of the visual impacts of the proposed construction.

Miscellaneous additional project submittals:
The applicant has also submitted a Planning Application Form that includes information on the Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage, a incomplete Initial Study form, a (draft) Reimbursement Agreement with the Town, the property Title Report, and a copy of the Marin County Parks and Open Space “Road and Trail Management Plan”.

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