Craft Faire

In 2009, Sustainable Fairfax came to Fairfax Recreation to see if we would co-sponsor their Craft Faire because it had outgrown their original location, the Sustainability Center on Bolinas Road. Fairfax Recreation agreed to help host the Faire in the Women's Center that year. That first year, it was apparent that we needed an even bigger space, so the following year we moved the event to the Pavilion. Fairfax Recreation helped to bring in more vendors, all offering unique handcrafted products and the Craft Faire flourished. 

The Craft Faire has been so successful that we created it's own identity separate from Fairfax Recreation and Sustainable Fairfax. In 2015 the name of the faire was changed to Fairfax Craft Faire but please know that the proceeds still benefit both Fairfax Recreation and Sustainable Fairfax. 

This Faire has really become a local tradition and we hope you can join us for another great year!

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